About Shawn

Over the last few years, the Lord has opened up several opportunities for me to share the stage with some great bands, but there is one night in particular that changed my life forever.  The reason why, God finally got me to see what He wanted to do through me. I had heard it from other people before, but now it was all starting to come together, God was opening my eyes. We were opening up for the band Tree 63, and I just remember thinking, “how the heck is this possible?” There are much better bands that can set this up for them, but the Lord kept me encouraged and we went up with force. I just remember how excited the crowd was. They got into all the songs and went everyplace I would lead them, it was amazing.

Then the moment that changed me forever came. We sang a song I wrote called Rev 4. I called it that because the scriptures I used start in Revelation chapter 4. We led the song real strong then I felt like we had finally done what we were supposed to do, so I lead the band to stop playing. As the band stopped, I asked the people to keep singing, and they did. I mean it was loud all-out singing. In that moment I felt the Lord say to me… good job son, this is why you are here. The people sang holy, holy, holy, is the Lord almighty. The song of heaven was being sung on earth. I was able to be a part of getting the people to the place where they could freely be with God without the mess of life.

As far as I’m concerned, that was one of the best moments of purpose found for me. I knew then, and continue to believe that God made me as an usher that will guide people along in their journey in order to find their purpose for living. I believe with no doubt that God’s anointing is on me, and I hope with all my heart I can do all I can to be a good steward of what He’s given to me through singing, songwriting and leading worship.

My dream: I hope that I can be someone who gives songs to people to sing that will bring them closer to God. I know God has talked with me about these songs going to churches, but I’m not sure where it starts or stops. I am dedicated and am going to be working hard on giving these songs out and asking people to sing them in their churches, but more than anything, I hope to continue being a star in the universe that will help point people back home.